Computer Repairs - Thornton, Cleveleys, Poulton - Lancashire

Fast & Friendly computer repair in Thornton, Cleveleys & Poulton

larry-laptop-manYou’re not quite sure when it happened, but your computer has become an important part of your life.

  • It’s a lifeline when you want to communicate with far away friends.
  • It’s how you get the latest news.
  • It’s how you manage your personal finances.

So when your computer stops doing what it’s supposed to it’s not only frustrating, it limits your life. Emails won’t work properly, you can’t get on the internet and those damn pop ups won’t go away.

Don’t panic…

You’re not alone, computers go wrong every day and the first thing to do is not to get stressed about it.

Just give me a call on 01253 486186 and we can arrange a time to get your computer fixed. Evenings and weekends are no problem, but I currently only cover Thornton, Cleveleys and Poulton.

I come to you, so you don’t have to unplug your computer and remember where anything went, or carry it out to the car – just pick up the phone. Where the computer can be repaired in place it will be – but sometimes it needs longer than that and so I will take it away and bring it back again once it’s done – at no extra cost.

Some of the most common problems

  • Software tells you that you have errors – a window pops up and tells you that you need to repair your computer but it’s a scam
  • User profile corrupt – you can’t login because windows says your user profile is corrupt
  • Can’t access the internet – your computer says you’re connected but you can’t get on the internet

Whatever your problem I can make a diagnosis and recommend the best course of action. Where hardware or extensive work is required I will always advise on the cost before proceeding to make sure you are happy – there are no large surprise bills.

In fact in most cases my prices are fixed:

£29 Diagnose & Repair covers diagnosis and repair of any problem that can be covered at your home within 45 minutes.

£39 Repair & Protect covers most problems that require the computer to be taken away from your home and returned to you – turnaround time is usually 3 days, but can be longer at busy times and over weekends.

£59 Extensive Repair covers most of everything else excluding replacement hardware. If your problem is particularly troublesome or time-consuming you’ll fall into this bracket, fortunately this accounts for only about 5% of all cases I see.

Where replacement hardware is needed – a new hard drive, laptop screen, laptop keyboard, memory or CD/DVD drive – then the repair will include the cost of the hardware and the £29 diagnosis fee. In 99% of cases the cost of fitting the hardware is included in the £29 diagnosis.

Are you just going to reinstall Windows?

If you’ve ever had a computer repaired before you might have had the dreaded call telling you that you need to reinstall your Windows operating system. All your photos, documents, movies and music are gone and you have to start again from your backups? You did keep backups right? Or maybe you can pay extra to have your stuff backed up before the reinstall?

Reinstalling Windows is always a LAST resort for me

It can be the easy answer to a lot of small problems so many techs can fall back onto it without spending any time looking for the cause. I will only reinstall Windows when it is the ONLY solution to the problem, not the EASY solution.